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Simple OG-tags for Facebook, Twitter and others

The OpenGraph Protocol (or "OG" for short) allows other websites to gather relevant information and preview images from your site in order to display them correctly in the context of sites like Twitter, Facebook, or other social media websites.


Written by Bob on Monday September 28, 2020.

How to configure SEO-friendly URLs without ContentType

Define more SEO-friendly and pretty URLs that do not contain the Content Type of your record. For example /about-us instead of /page/about-us, but beware: if two records of a different Content Type have the same slug, you'll never know for sure which one will be visible on the frontend. For instance, if there is /page/about-us and /entry/about-us, then there's no way to objectively guarantee which one of the two items will show up on the shortened /about-us URL.


Written by Ivo on Friday January 15, 2021.