Overview for 'contenttypes'

Search on ContentType listing page

Often times people are looking to create a simple search on the listing page (for example, to search blog posts, news, events, etc.). In this article, I'll share how to do that easy-peasy in twig itself.


Written by Ivo on June 8, 2020.

How to configure SEO-friendly URLs without ContentType

Define more SEO-friendly and pretty URLs that do not contain the Content Type of your record. For example /about-us instead of /page/about-us, but beware: if two records of a different Content Type have the same slug, you'll never know for sure which one will be visible on the frontend. For instance, if there is /page/about-us and /entry/about-us, then there's no way to objectively guarantee which one of the two items will show up on the shortened /about-us URL.


Written by Ivo on January 15, 2021.

Renaming ContentTypes

Sometimes, you might want to change the name of an existing ContentType, after development of a site is well under way. Here's how to rename one, without losing existing content.


Written by Bob on April 22, 2021.